Senior Cyber Security Analyst

Experienced Senior Cyber Security Analyst with over a 12-year career in the US Air Force, supporting critical missions for the National Security Agency (NSA) and US Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM). Known for expertise in detecting and neutralizing cyber threats, executing incident response, and delivering comprehensive threat assessments. Possesses a deep understanding of adversary Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs). Demonstrates exceptional skills in metadata and network flow analysis, as well as creating signatures for Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). Recognized for outstanding analytical prowess, reporting acumen, and adeptness in delivering high-impact briefings. Collaborative team player who offers valuable insights to senior leadership. Holds a B.S. in Information Systems Security (INFOSEC) and continuously enhances skills through ongoing professional development in AWS cloud computing and Cisco networking. Currently working towards a Masters in Information Security Management.

What I’m working on


Udemy - Ultimate AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate SAA-C03 - Stephane Maarek   Study Schedule   Section Title Time (min) Week Dates 1 Intro 13 Week 1 18-24 June 2 code/slide DL 1 3 Get started 14 4 IAM/CLI 54 5 EC2 Fundamentals 40 6 SAA level 33 7 EC2 Instance...


RasberryPi4 Multi OS boot in a retro Nintendo case Plex Server VPN router NAS



Cyber Threat Analysis Report: Ransomware Date: 15 June 2023 Executive Summary: This report presents a detailed analysis of ransomware, a malicious software that encrypts files and demands ransom payments to decrypt. The analysis covers the technical aspects of ransomware, including attack vectors, notable ransomware families, malware analysis, attribution challenges, and...

OSINT - Methodology

Cyber Security Foundational Knowledge: OSINT Methodology Date: 20 June 2023 OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) Table of Contents 1. | Introduction to OSINT Understanding the concept and importance of OSINT Differentiating between open source and classified information 2. | Research and Investigation Techniques Developing effective search strategies Utilizing search engines and...

Threat Hunting Methodology

Cyber Security Foundational Knowledge: Cyber Threat Hunting Methodology Date: 23 June 2023   I. Introduction    A. Definition of cyber threat hunting Cyber threat hunting is an active practice employed by security analysts to proactively search and investigate systems and networks for potential malicious activities and ongoing attacks that may...


Your Page Title Download the full report here: Cyber Security Foundational Knowledge: NESSUS Vulnerability Scanning Date: 24 June 2023 1. Introduction 2. Vulnerability Scanning Overview 3. NESSUS: An Overview 4. Importance of NESSUS in Cybersecurity 5. Benefits and Challenges of Using NESSUS 6. Best Practices for Effective Vulnerability Management...


| February, 2015 - March, 2019

National Security Agency (NSA) National Cyber Threat Operations Center (NCTOC)  | Ft Meade, MD 

| November, 2010 - February, 2015

US Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM) | Ft Meade, MD |

| September, 2007 - November, 2010

USAF Distributed Common Grounds Systems (DCGS) | Langley AFB, VA |


Badges & Skills


B.S. Information systems Security
American Military University October, 2010 - October, 2018

- Comprehensive coursework: Covering network security, cybercrime, risk management, and ethical hacking.

A.S. Computer Programming -
Gwinnett Technical University September, 2019 - December, 2021

Studied the fundamental concepts and principles of various programming languages and web development technologies. Completed hands-on projects and real-world applications, applying industry best practices for object-oriented programming.


A.S Networking Specialist Degree - Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud computing
September, 2021 - December, 2023

Comprehensive training in cloud networking  covering AWS technologies and services. Gained hands-on experience with AWS platforms. Designed, deployed and managed AWS cloud based networks

Masters Information Security Management
Augusta University August, 2021 - September, 2024

Estimated completion summer 2024

Fall 2023

    ⦁ AIST 6510 - ISS 1
    ⦁ AIST 6361 - Incident Response and Recovery
    ⦁ AIST 6553 - Human Factors
    ⦁ AIST 6357 - Risk Management

Spring 2024

    ⦁ AIST 6515 - ISS 2
    ⦁ AIST 6363 - Cloud Security
    ⦁ AIST 6355 - Policy Development
    ⦁ AIST 6359 - Legal Issues

Summer 2024

    ⦁ AIST 6365 - Project Management
    ⦁ AIST 6410 - Data Management